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Two small Pomeranians wearing colorful flower leis sit on a wooden beach chair beside a green plastic bucket filled with sand toys and two yellow rubber ducks.

All About FloridaPom.com

All About Us!

Our puppies are raised along the side of our family. We have children and they LOVE to be a part of our breeding program! We always carefully monitor the time that they spend with the puppies. Our dogs are much more than dogs to us, they are part of our family. We have started co-breeding with our friends. I’m proud to say that the puppies she is raising are raised amongst children and treated like family! 

A small, fluffy Merle Pomeranian lies down, looking upward against a plain white background.
Small black Pomeranian standing on a white background, showcasing one of the many Pomeranian coat colors, and looking forward with mouth open.

Pomeranian Puppies

Our puppies range from 3-13 lbs. However, we don’t guarantee size. We chart the puppies and update their weight as the puppy grows. We breed happy and healthy dogs. All of our pups will be vet checked, come with health certificates,AKC & Ckc paper, and be up to date with vaccines/dewormed.
Price will vary depending on color.  $1500-$3000 is the average cost of our Pomeranians.  All deposits are non-refundable.



 I have been mentoring Brittany on breeding poms for a while when I thought about retiring my females we decide instead of shutting down Florida pom. We would co-breed instead. Brittany and her family are amazing and Brittany prides herself in the amazing care of the puppies!  What does that mean? Well Brittany has all the females and I have the males.  We breed the dogs & Brittany raises the puppies. Florida pom lists and sells the puppies. 


Picking up your new pup!

Since we are now co-breeding things are a little different. Pick up for the puppies is in St. Cloud, FL. You may meet the mom while you pick up your new edition. If you want to meet the dad no problem. We can schedule a meeting time. We are located in Winter Haven Fl. We are still keeping our no visitors until puppy pickup day for the safety of our puppies. You can read more and why about this on our FAQ page.  

A small fluffy Merle dog sits in a green bucket surrounded by a yellow shovel, two rubber duckies, and a colorful ball on a white background.
A fluffy dog with a Pomeranian coat color, wearing round blue sunglasses and a small straw hat with a colorful band, sits against a white background.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself"

Josh Billings

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"...I love dogs, you love dogs, is it just me or is there some real pet-tential here?"

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