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About Brownie

Mr.Brownie Boy here! I am a very sweet gentle boy. I love cuddling with my family. I am 6lb of fluff.  My favorite thing is chilling with my family and playing with toys. However, I enjoy walks, floating in the pool, and snacking on watermelon. 

About Dog

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Brownie was born here at Florida poms headquarters. He was the only black and tan out of his litter. His litter mates were blue and tan. Brownie has such a gentle demeanor and is such a sweet boy. He will melt your heart.   

A small, black and tan puppy lies on its back between a person's legs, resembling a sweet chocolate treat. The puppy's paws are up, and its eyes are open. The image has a watermark in the bottom right corner.

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Previous Puppies from Brownie

Here are some puppies bred from Brownie

A small, fluffy white puppy is being held up by a person's hand. The background shows a white door and a hint of potted plants with pink flowers, resembling the delightful charm of a well-decorated dessert table featuring chocolate brownies.
A small, fluffy brown puppy, reminiscent of a warm brownie, is being held in front of vibrant pink flowers in an outdoor setting.
A person is holding a fluffy, light brown Pomeranian puppy named Brownie close to the camera, with green foliage and a building window in the background.
Person holding a small, fluffy brown puppy named Brownie close to purple flowers and green foliage.
A fluffy white puppy being held in front of a plant with pink flowers, looking as sweet as dessert, against a backdrop of outdoor greenery and a clear blue sky.

"...I love dogs, you love dogs, is it just me or is there some real pet-tential here?"

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