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Florida Poms Health Guarantee

All our puppies come with a one year Genetic Health Guarantee.  Florida Pom’s certifies that your puppy will be healthy at the time of sale, free from any life-threatening & congenital defects, or infectious diseases( ie: heart, kidney, lung, parvo, etc).  A replacement puppy of equal or better quality will be offered in the event that a deadly or crippling genetic disorder should be discovered in that first year upon return of the original puppy, reg. papers, and written documentation and reports from the examining vet to us.
The ability to breed, size, coat color, confirmation, or disposition of the puppy at maturity. (We will provide a guestimate of adult size based on the weight chart, parents’ weights, and the history of what our dogs produce.)  This health guarantee does not cover hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia, allergies, respiratory infections, luxating patellas (which can be acquired if you do not follow the diet we advise, or you let your puppy  jump during first year of life), internal/external parasites or any other non-life threatening conditions once the puppy has left our care.
Hypoglycemia (sugar shock) prevention is the responsibility of the buyer. We recommend Nutrical or similar product to be kept on-hand (especially with Poms under two pounds
at eight weeks) – In cases these products are not on hand, peanut butter mixed with honey will suffice until Nutrical can be purchased. All puppies sold as pets have to be spayed and/or neutered by the time they are 1 year old. We do not guarantee placement of the testicles at neuter.
What we do not guarantee.
The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost and any/all vet expenses.
All puppies that are sold will be up to date on vaccinations and de-worming. It is required that you have a health examination performed on your puppy within 72 hours of receiving him.If your vet finds life-threatening conditions present, you AGREE TO NOTIFY US THE SAME DAY as your initial vet visit.If the buyer neglects to have the puppy checked by a certified veterinarian within 3 days of arrival ALL GUARANTEES ARE NULL AND VOID.

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