A fluffy white Pomeranian with a black ribbon tied around its neck sits on a carpeted floor, looking at the camera with its mouth open, capturing the playful essence about Pomeranians.

Hi, My Name is Ice Bear!

About Ice Bear

Ice Bear here! I have a super happy personality! I love everyone I meet! I am 7lbs of pure fluff! My coat is so thick and fluffy! I love picking out my own toys from the pet store to chew up. My hobbies are going on walks, puppuccinos from Starbucks, and playing with my family! 

About Dog

Know More About Ice Bear

Ice Bear was actually born Iowa. He has such a sweet demeanor. He is a super light cream almost white color.  Ice bear loves anyone he meets. He is such a friendly dog and once you meet him you will love him too!


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A fluffy white Pomeranian dog stands on grassy ground, looking at the camera with an open mouth and relaxed expression. This adorable Florida Pom could be your new best friend—check out our Pomeranian for sale to bring home this bundle of joy!

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