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Stud Service

Two newborn Pomeranian puppies, held gently by a person's hands against a white background, have their eyes closed. Their tiny fur hints at a possible merle pattern, showcasing the care of a dedicated Pomeranian breeder near me.
Small, long-haired Florida Pom with a mix of grey, black, and tan fur, standing on a white background, looking forward with one blue and one brown eye.
A small, fluffy dog with black, brown, and white fur stands facing slightly right, its playful ears twinkling like stud earrings in the light.

The Process

Our Reputation and Loyalty To The Breed Speaks For Itself!

Requirements For Breeding

* Negative/clear Brucellosis test within 2 weeks prior to breeding.

* Health Certificate stating that the dog is generally healthy. Its validity is for 10 days but to ensure that there are no problems due to the time difference, make it at least 8 days old.

* Rabies Vaccination Certificate should not be less than 30 days and not more than one year old.
Our male will be available for stud services to approved females ONLY!

*Please note we do not always offer stud service. Our males’ services are only available for public stud service at certain times and for a limited time.*

If your female is being shipped to us please know that is your responsibility to pay for shipping. All of our stud services are contracted agreements.

We reserve the right to refuse stud services, if we feel the need. Please give at least a 1 month notice prior to breeding time to make arrangements.

We do not support nor condone merle-to-merle breeding, mixed breeding, inbreeding, pet stores, puppy mills, or brokers! *****Those who fall under one of these categories need not to apply.*****
Thank you for understanding.

Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life, but They Make Our Life Whole

Our Services

Florida Pom Stud Service

1st-time breeder? What’s the Process?

Contact Us

Reach out to us 1st! We wanna make sure your female is the right fit for our males. We care about the size and health of your dog.

Contract/ Health Record

Once we make sure your female is a match. We have you sign a breeder contract. You make sure your female is up to date on her shot records & in good health.

Meet Up!

You bring your female dog over. We find it works best if we keep your dog for a couple days. We want the dogs to bond and relax so they are not stressed during breeding process. However if you dont want to leave your female here no worries you can stay with her and we will have to meet up for the breeding time.

Pregnancy Confirmed

After the breeding is done we look forward to hearing the pregnancy confirmation news!

Questions & Support

We offer support whether you purchase a puppy from us or use our stud service we have been breeding and caring for poms for so long we can usually answer most concerns and questions.


We cant wait to see the puppies! We love receiving puppy pictures!

Our Studs!

Wanna Know more about these guys? Check out their pages.  Ice Bear & Brownie!

A fluffy white dog with a cheerful expression is walking forward, adorned with stylish studs on its collar.
A small, fluffy black and tan dog with a bushy tail looks up attentively, standing with one paw slightly raised, ready for stud service.

"...I love dogs, you love dogs, is it just me or is there some real pet-tential here?"

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